Becoming a Member 

Pursuing a Membership in Village Hill Cohousing should be carefully considered. There are demands and responsibilities, which all VHC Members share in for the betterment of the entire community. To begin the process of joining this unique community, one only needs to take the first step, outlined below.....     

The 1st Step - Becoming a VHC Explorer

After your initial phone or email inquiry, we ask you to take the following steps.

• Explore the VHC Website

• Read the Community Engagement Guidelines

• Schedule a meeting with the Membership Committee when you decide you want to move forward

• Meet with the Membership Committee.

• Discuss the Community Engagement Guidelines and the vision of VHC.

• Discuss your needs: What size home are you looking for? In what phase?

• Discuss the VHC Community and Membership.

Once you are accepted as an Explorer, complete the Explorer Information Form and submit your check of $250.00

Step 2 - Becoming a VHC Member:

• We highly recommend -

• Tour the Village Hill Cohousing Site.

• Visit an existing Cohousing Community.

• Watch the Cohousing Ted Talk (Found Here)

• Attend one of the monthly Information Sessions & General Meetings.

• You will be assigned a Buddy

• You will be asked to participate on a committee or to volunteer for a task that benefits the community

• We ask that you set up additional "Getting to know you" conversations with other VHC Members.

• We ask that you complete the Membership Information form and submit to

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