Village Hill Cohousing

117 Olander Drive

Northampton, MA 01060

Becoming a Member

Our Community Vision:

Village Hill Cohousing aspires to be a diverse, multi-generational community, committed to compassionate living through respect, kindness and generosity. We strive to create an ecologically-sustainable neighborhood of beauty and peace where we support each others goals for healthy living and personal growth.

Our Community Values:


  • Communicating openly & directly

  • Assuming goodwill in all our interactions

  • Practicing curiosity rather than judgement

  • Committing to conflict resolution


  • Using recyclable & recycled materials

  • Growing / Supporting growth of organic foods

  • Installing permaculture-inspired landscaping & plantings

  • Using non-toxic products & practices, where possible

  • Supporting healthful living

  • Recycling, conserving energy, sharing resources & simplifying our lifestyles.


  • Self-Governance

  • Sharing Community Work

  • Social Connections

  • Sharing Resources. 

Becoming a VHC Explorer - The 1st Step

After your initial phone or email inquiry, we ask you to take the following steps.

• Explore the VHC Website

• Read the Community Engagement Guidelines

• Schedule a meeting with the Membership Committee when you decide you want to move forward

• Meet with the Membership Committee.

• Discuss the Community Engagement Guidelines and the vision of VHC.

• Discuss your needs: What size home are you looking for? In what phase?

• Discuss the VHC Community and Membership.

Once you are accepted as an Explorer, complete the Explorer Information Form and submit your check of $250.00

VHC "Explorer"


Becoming a VHC Member:

• We highly recommend -

• Tour the VHC Site.

• Visit an existing Cohousing Community.

• Watch the Cohousing Ted Talk (Found Here)

• Attend one of the monthly Information Sessions & General Meetings.

• You will be assigned a Buddy

• You will be asked to participate on a committee or to volunteer for a task that benefits the community

• We ask that you set up additional "Getting to know you" conversations with other VHC Members.

• We ask that you complete the Membership Information form and submit to


Information Form