Governance at VHC:

Village Hill Cohousing is governed through SOCIOCRACY

In Sociocracy, all committee members are responsible for supporting the well-functioning of their committees, particularly to support listening and mutual understanding. Committees connect to their related committees through linking. They have AIMS and DOMAINS that define their work  

All VHC Members, whether residing on property or awaiting construction of their home, are encouraged to join at least one community committee, so that all voices are heard within the community. 

We vote with consent, meaning a policy being put into place is worth trying. No decisions stand forever and policy can always be evaluated. Our community is constantly evolving as new VHC Members are added, bringing new ideas and new energy. 

If you're more curious about the sociocracy structure of governing, much can be learned from's Sociocracy page, found HERE. 

Our Community Vision:

Village Hill Cohousing aspires to be a diverse, multi-generational community, committed to compassionate living through respect, kindness and generosity. We strive to create an ecologically-sustainable neighborhood of beauty and peace where we support each others goals for healthy living and personal growth.

Our Community Values:


  • Communicating openly & directly

  • Assuming goodwill in all our interactions

  • Practicing curiosity rather than judgement

  • Committing to conflict resolution


  • Using recyclable & recycled materials

  • Growing / Supporting growth of organic foods

  • Installing permaculture-inspired landscaping & plantings

  • Using non-toxic products & practices, where possible

  • Supporting healthful living

  • Recycling, conserving energy, sharing resources & simplifying our lifestyles.


  • Self-Governance

  • Sharing Community Work

  • Social Connections

  • Sharing Resources. 

Committee Diagram copy.png